Join Your Pennington Fire Company Today!

Volunteer Fire and/or Ladies Auxiliary

The Pennington Fire Company is a 100% volunteer fire company.  Joining the Pennington Fire Company is a tremendous way to give back to the community you live in, and help protect your friends and neighbors. If you have ever thought about joining your local department, please fill out an application or visit another Hopewell township company website, which can be found on our links page.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter takes commitment, hard work, and dedication, but the gratification and camaraderie that comes as a result of making this vow to serve are unparalleled on a local scale. The PFC is a family, dedicated to the safety of our community, and we are always looking to expand. We are very interested in recruiting new members to help keep up our tasks, regardless of public service experience. Whether this would be your first public service endeavor, or you are an experienced veteran, our family would love to welcome you with open arms.



The junior firefighter program is an unbelievable opportunity for young men and women to explore public service and gain professional training alongside active firefighters. Individuals between the ages of 16 and 18, can apply to join and participate in training evolutions without being exposed to the dangers normal firefighters face. Junior members have the opportunity to respond to real-life incidents and emergencies to play a support role while our senior members conduct their operations. This experience is unlike any other and takes serious commitment. We are looking for the most dedicated and hardworking young individuals to fill the few available junior spots. If you are interested in fulfilling this duty, fill out an application.  



BENEFITS of Membership

There are countless benefits for individuals interested in joining our membership and becoming a volunteer. PFC is located in the borough of Pennington, NJ. With the new renovations to our station and brotherhood like no other, we hope you think this could be your other home. Here are some of the benefits of joining our organization:



LOSAP, which stands for Length of Service Awards Program, is a program that awards pensions to volunteer firefighters who meet the minimum service requirement.  Volunteers who meet the service requirement are paid cash once they reach the entitlement age of 60 years.  At Pennington Fire Company, service by members is tracked by a point system.  Most types of events and calls can lead to an accumulation of points. Attendance and responses to calls are strictly tracked for these purposes.


The most important aspect of our job is to make sure we are prepared for any incident we may have to respond to. All members are required to complete Firefighter I (paid for by PFC) within two years of acceptance. Members are also required to train in-house throughout the year. If further training is desired, the department will pay for the member’s tuition costs at a nearby county emergency training center.

Gear & Uniforms

Upon completion of the basic Firefighter I course, the company will purchase brand new bunker gear and equipment to properly outfit you for the dangers of the job. The department will also purchase a Class B uniform and contribute to a Class A uniform.