Junior Firefighters

The junior firefighter program is an unbelievable opportunity for young men and women to explore public service and gain professional training alongside active firefighters. Individuals between the ages of 16 and 18, can apply to join and participate in training evolutions without being exposed to the dangers normal firefighters face. Junior members have the opportunity to respond to real-life incidents and emergencies to play a support role while our senior members conduct their operations. This experience is unlike any other and takes serious commitment. We are looking for the most dedicated and hardworking young individuals to fill the few available junior spots.

If you are interested in fulfilling this duty, fill out an application.  











Knox Box

When seconds matter, firefighters will do whatever is necessary to save your property or family. While we could use a tool to pry the door open, we prefer to lessen property damage with the use of a Knox Box. Keys to residential and commercial structures are placed inside these boxes and mounted near the door. When an emergency arises at that address, firefighters can have the key to unlock the box, remotely unlocked. The box is opened and the keys to the building are retrieved for rapid entry. Knox Boxes are ideal for citizens who own commercial businesses or those who are handicapped or ill and may not always be able to open the door. 

Most commercial structures within the township are required by the Bureau of Fire Safety to have a Knox Box installed