Safety Campaigns


Drunk Driving

Operating a motorized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense and is not only putting the lives of you and your passengers at risk but also the lives of other motorists on the road at risk.  Drive safe, drive sober. 


Adopt a Hydrant

In the midst of heavy storms with significant snowfall, the hydrants used by your local departments get buried. Underneath deep snow, it becomes very difficult for our firefighters to quickly access water. Water supply delays can put firefighters in unnecessarily dangerous situations or can cause further damages. We ask that throughout the winter season, residents with property bordering a hydrant clear the snow and ice from these vital pieces of equipment. To properly clear a hydrant, snow should be removed 3 feet in every direction around the hydrant. Additionally, a clear path from the hydrant to the street should be made. There are over 250 hydrants in the fire district of the Pennington Fire Company. While we try our best to get out and clear what we can, it is impossible for us to tend to them all.