the night of November 23rd/24th was quite busy for Station 51 as a result of the rain storm. Here is a rundown of the incidents we were dispatched to throughout the night:

17:17 – Cover Assignment at Station 22 (Lawrence Road Fire Company) while they operated at a 3 alarm residential structure fire with exposure issues. Engine 51 covered their station for approximately 2 hours.

23:02 – Vehicle fire involving a skid loader. This incident was handled by station 52 (Hopewell Fire Department) and we were recalled prior to arrival

23:08 – Uncontrolled water leak

23:38 – Water rescue with the occupants out of the vehicle upon arrival

23:44 – Commercial fire alarm activation

00:20 – Water rescue of 3 occupants in a stranded vehicle on a flooded roadway. A member of our department and a member of station 52, both with swift water training, used our boat to rescue the individuals safely. Station 23 (Lawrenceville Fire Company) assisted with this call as well.

01:40 – Uncontrolled water leak

02:17 – Uncontrolled water leak

07:33 – Dewatering assignment

09:06 – Dewatering assignment

09:34 – Uncontrolled water leak

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